Tile Cleaning

Tile cleaning Special 50¢ - 60¢ per Foot

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Tile cleaning Special 50¢ - 60¢ per Foot

City Carpet Cleaners is also committed to providing homes and businesses, like yours, with a cleaner, healthier and more beautiful indoor environment. Each job we take gets the personal service it deserves. Our cleaning method is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and only the best cleaning solutions and equipment are used.

Tile Cleaning

To really clean a tile and grout we’ve come to realize that it takes a lot of hard work and it can be messy, so we’ve come up with a solution that is guaranteed to get your tiles looking like brand spanking new, we use a steamer, our tile cleaning equipment can achieve far greater results than anything else available in the market. We at City Carpet Cleaners believe that by having a trained and experience cleaning crew we can get the job done easier and without all the hassle.

Our cleaning process begins with a quick inspection of the floor and of the wall that is if the wall has tiles too, then we go on to determine the best treatment needed, then we clean every nook and cranny with a powerful cleaning solution, don’t worry the elements used in the process are in fact environmentally friendly, and with this solution we know for a fact that your tiles will be really clean and by doing that we’ll be extending the life of the tiles.

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