Air Duct Cleaning

Most people don’t realize how horrible the air quality actually is in their homes. Over time, those ducts become a jet stream for dust, bacteria, fungus & other nasty allergens. Clean air requires clean air ducts, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you call. The bonus benefit is how much more efficiently your entire HVAC system will run, which can result in lower energy bills, maintenance, repairs & ultimately increasing the life of your HVAC system.

Clean air is an essential requirement in any space, be it at home or any type of public location. Unfortunately, we cannot control the quality of air that we breathe outside, whether it is at the workplace, in malls, public transit systems, cinema theaters, or restaurants … you get the drift. Thankfully though, we certainly can ensure that the air we breathe at home – where we spend the majority of our time – is clean and free of dust and other harmful bacteria.

Surprisingly, though, most of us take this necessity for granted, assuming that the air circulating in our homes is pure by default and doesn’t warrant any action on our part. For this reason, many homeowners in Houston do not opt for air duct cleaning or even dryer vent cleaning on a regular basis or worse, ever. Let’s go through the benefits of each in the sections below.


Benefits of Duct Cleaning
Health – Air ducts that are not regularly cleared out serve as hot breeding grounds for not only dust particles but also several other invisible but equally damaging elements such as pollen, bacteria, lint, and dust mites. If you have pets at home, add pet dander to this growing list.

All buildings with air conditioning or forced-air heating systems have a ductwork system made of supply and return ducts. Supply ducts convey air that has been conditioned to your living space, and return ducts move the air back to your AC system for reconditioning. After years of use, these ducts can fill with dust and debris, causing a lower indoor air quality than before. To keep your heating and cooling systems running in optimal condition, you’ll need regular air duct cleaning and maintenance.

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