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City Carpet Cleaners is a licensed and insured cleaning company for the household, we’ve got seventeen years of experience in the business of cleaning and maintaining commercial and residential carpets, are rugs, wooden floors, upholstery, air ducts, tiles and grout. City Carpet Cleaners uses the most up to date cleaning techniques around.


City Carpet Cleaners is Houston’s premier carpet and upholstery cleaning company.

We Serve

Houston, Austin & Conroe.


City Carpet Cleaners utilizes the highest quality biodegradable solutions to safely clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery. We also have dry cleaning solutions. This allows us to clean your carpets without having to wait for hours for the carpet to dry. We’re not only contributing to your overall aesthetic of your house but we’re also contributing to your health and living conditions.


City Carpet Cleaners treats your house as if it were our own. We want to be there for you and your future cleaning needs, so we provide the personal service that you deserve. For our commercial clients, we recognize the importance of providing a clean and hygienic place of work for your employees, as well as fresh a fresh, clean working environment for all your clients and visitors.


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Our Professional

Carpet Cleaning Services.

Carpet Cleaning.


Most of the times we like to believe that we can keep our carpets clean by ourselves, we believe that we only need to vacuum every other week or that you should wait as long as possible before you can clean it. It is recommended though that in order to keep a somewhat dust free environment is to take it to the steamers (City Carpet Cleaners) every six months the allotted time when you’ve got a pet is usually around every six weeks.


Over at City Carpet Cleaners we’ve got teams of highly skilled, highly trained and experienced specialists. Vacuuming is of course the easiest way around to getting your carpet cleaned, but we offer a service that is suited for your carpet and actually for every carpet. Carpets have a way of emphasizing the beauty of

Air Duct Cleaning.


We at City Carpet Cleaners, believe that cleaning your air ducts is actually quite important, most companies and even homeowners don’t understand just how important it is to having clean ducts. But what precisely is the benefit? The health benefits for the people who are currently making use of the space could be greatly improved, that is if the people are suffering allergies, in any case you’re less likely to actually contract a harmful disease.

Tile Cleaning.


To really clean a tile and grout we’ve come to realize that it takes a lot of hard work and it can be messy, so we’ve come up with a solution that is guaranteed to get your tiles looking like brand spanking new, we use a steamer, our tile cleaning equipment can achieve far greater results than anything else available in the market. We at City Carpet Cleaners believe that by having a trained and experience cleaning crew we can get the job done easier and without all the hassle.


Our cleaning process begins with a quick inspection of the floor and of the wall that is if the wall has tiles too, then we go on to determine the best treatment

Upholstery Cleaning.


Are you feeling uncomfortable with your furniture? Does your furniture look like it hasn’t been washed in years? Well, have no fear, City Carpet Cleaners has the answer to all of your problems. We’re a cleaning company that you can definitely trust. Dust, pollen, food, crumbs and other stains can be avoided if you’re consistent with your cleaning, but, getting your upholstery cleaned can be really expensive and yet some people consider it worthwhile if it’s done right. Rest assured that our teams are experienced enough to handle your furniture.


And to prove it we’ll go by the cleaning process, it all starts with a quick rundown of the condition of your furniture, then we try to determine the proper way to go about cleaning your furniture.

Water Damage Repair.


City Carpet Cleaning, doesn’t only clean your carpet, or your upholstery but it can also help you out when your house has sustained some water damage. Water damage is usually described as a large number of losses caused by water, whether it comes from a severe storm, or from leaving the water running unattended. Water gets into everything and to clean it takes a lot of time and effort, this is something you shouldn’t try it on your own.


Our teams is more than enough to get the job done, however if we make it look easy it’s because our teams has so much experience doing this kind of work that we obviously make it lo

Miguel Garcia

Its amazing company we do our best to satisfied our costumers we do quality carpet cleaning and repair … when the truck pulls up the dirt pulls out !!!
100% guaranteed

Bobby Collier

I have been using City Carpet Cleaners for around 10 years. Mark (the owner) is a wonderful man who is honest, prices things reasonably, and delivers excellent work! City Carpet has done a variety of things for my personal residence, as well as rental properties. The work includes: carpet cleaning, laying tile, painting, plumbing services, cleaning services, among others. In fact, today Mark and his crew are installing new carpet in my home.

If you are looking for someone trustworthy, who does excellent work, who has great values, and has good prices … then you have found the right company! I highly recommend City Carpet Cleaners!

Brad L

Excellent job, we had all of our tile flooring cleaned, sealed, and the grout re-colored. High-energy, polite, and efficient are the words that describe my service representative. . Mark gave me service/price options without any pressure, while explaining clearly the advantages of each service. Being retired, this was a big monetary decision for us. We are very happy with the results and we feel like we have new flooring! He also gave of tips on maintaining our floors, using the proper methods and products, so that we would not repeat our mistake in cleaning/mopping the “old-fashioned” way, professional service; prompt and efficient.

Doug Hall

We’ve used City Carpet Cleaners frequently over the past 2 years – usually once every 1 to 2 months. The do good quality work at a reasonable price. They get the carpets clean! They have also cleaned our tile and grout, upholstery, and done carpet repairs for us too! Nice people – friendly, professional and courteous. I definitely recommend City Carpet Cleaners!!!

RK Dean

They did a great job. Thank you to the owner for helping me get my floor right. I have white towel and grout and it was a harder than usual type job. I will use City Carpet Cleaner again.

Mara Miguel

City Carpet Cleaners cleaned our home: the tiles and the carpet. The carpets looked great and the tiles looked like new! They took their time cleaning everything, everything looks fresh and new not to mention that the carpets dried really quick. I would recommend this company for sure. The experience with this carpet company was one of the best ever!

Tony Glover

Awesome, speedy service. These guys are great! Carpet and upholstery cleaning was immaculate….just like new!! Carpet dries very fast. Friendly staff and affordable costs. Would highly recommend and continue to use in the future

P Cole

First I would like to thank City Carpet Cleaners for their good feedback and letting me vent to them about another company that I had come out to my home that gave me VERY POOR SERVICE. His worker Mark was very good and explained to me on what exactly I needed done to the carpet. Upon completion of his work I’m very pleased and would use this company again. Keep up the good work City Carpet Cleaners! I will definitely seen out a good recommendation to family and friends.

Becky Wooten

They cleaned my carpet and repaired a frayed spot where my cat damaged. They were extremely professional and polite. They were truly honest and gave me tips and knowledge on my carpets and upholstery. I was extremely impressed.

Yaseen Syed

They clean my blood splattered carpet with ease. It looks perfectly new and I couldnt have gotten better service.

Julia Martinez

Great company! Came at a last minute notice and did an awesome job. We needed a carpet patch and got the carpet cleaned in three rooms. Did everything in an hour! Very reasonably priced. I definitely recommend!

Omar Soror

Super Great Service and outright the friendliest people to deal with! I needed my upstairs carpet cleaned which had collected about 8 years of dirt and spills from everyone in the house and when the previous company I hired didn’t do the job, City Carpet Cleaners certainly did their part to make sure it was done right. They took their time and made sure every inch of the carpet was spot cleaned and even set up corner protectors to make sure their machine didn’t cause any dents in the wall. And after they were done with their work, the carpet dried up in NO TIME AT ALL. Its those small details that caught my attention and sold me on their service. Overall great results and great people to do business with. Highly recommended!