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Carpet Cleaning And Carpet Installation | Houston Carpet Cleaning Service

  Marcos Miguel   June 29, 2018

Steam cleaning is perhaps one of the best ways to clean your carpet. Other methods such as chemical cleaning will do fine, but only steam cleaning ensures that it reaches the lowest level of the carpet whereas chemical cleaning only cleans the surface of the carpet leaving bacteria and germs deep within the carpet that will, with time, surface and leave you prone to sicknesses, allergies, and a dirty carpet. Here at Citycarpetcleaners, we provide the best Houston carpet cleaning service and carpet installation.

Why Choose Steam Cleaning?

It is no secret of ours or anyone in the steam cleaning business that steam cleaning kills 97% of dirt and bacteria within the carpet. More than any other method of carpet cleaning. There’s a reason why steam cleaning is also known as deep cleaning.

Rather than relying primarily on portable machines, we use our powerful truck mounted machine to further ensure that your carpet receives the optimal deep cleaning that it deserves. Along with our powerful and expensive (both in quality and in performance) pre-spray, our service is guaranteed to meet your carpet needs. Steam is one of the most natural and effective ways of cleaning your carpets, especially for those easily prone to allergies and those who have asthma.

When to Clean or When to Replace Carpet?

This is an especially important question to answer. Cleaning can only take you so far. You the costumer, more than anyone, should know the history of your carpet. New carpet lasts around 15 years if taken good care of. However, we know that situations arise than can’t be helped.

If your carpet has been damaged, burned, dyed, torn, or has just maximized it’s lifespan, then it’s time to get a new carpet installed. Here more about when to replace your carpet

Other than said situations, cleaning will do more than enough to assist your carpet in reaching it’s full lifespan. If you still have questions about what service you need, call us and ask us about what service would be best and then we can proceed to service you.


Luckily for you, Citycarpetcleaners has a solution for both of your needs. Whether you need deep carpet cleaning or a new carpet installed, we provide both services and many more here in the Greater Houston Area! Make sure to check them out to see if we provide what you need.

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