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How Can I Keep My Carpet Clean On My Own?

  Marcos Miguel   July 31, 2018

Carpet Maintenance

While it’s important to get your carpet cleaned professionally every 6 months to a year, there is a lot that you can do on your own to ensure your carpet’s longevity.

No Shoes on the Carpet

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t bring your shoes inside. It’s understood that a lot of people value their shoes and do not want it left outside. If your home provides a foyer area where shoes, coats, and umbrellas can be kept, it would be wise to utilize the function of this part of your home. We have worked in homes where even with a designated area meant for such items, rarely do folks bother taking advantage of this.

There are other options as well for people living in a smaller area such as an apartment or a house lacking a foyer. Investing in a shoe rack is a great way to keep shoes off the carpet and floor.

Although this goes without being said, having a welcome mat is also a great option to reduce the amount of dirt and junk people bring into your home if you do not decide to disallow shoes inside your home.

Why Keep Shoes Off the Carpet?

You probably already know that shoes carry a lot of dirt and grime from the outside. Logically, bringing shoes onto your carpet is not a great idea. However, it’s not common knowledge as to the extent of what dirty shoes can do to your carpet.

Dirt, soil, grease, grime, and other junk can severely dirty and diminish the life of your carpet. Your carpet can very quickly become dirty. This makes it a health hazard not only for small children, but for yourself and pets as well.

Even if not visible, dust can build up in carpets triggering allergies. Children who love to play on the ground (as all kids should be free to do) can be exposed to bacteria and can easily become sick. And visually, it’s not aesthetic.

It’s no wonder why it is a tradition in many Asian countries to have no shoes in the house. Sadly, it’s not something that has been adopted in the Western World and the consequences are visible.

When It’s Time

I understand hardly anyone is constantly worried about their carpet and floor. Since this is our profession, of course such knowledge would be on our conscious but we understand that following such steps can be difficult, as easy as they may seem. It’s hard to break bad habits and it’s just as hard to start good habits.

Hence, the existence of City Carpet Cleaners. Even if you do the best that you can, entropy will always be at play. The time will eventually come when you have to pick up and give City Carpet Cleaners a call to come and make your carpet like-new again.

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