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Area Rug Cleaning Houston, Texas

  Marcos Miguel   August 10, 2018

Now imagine it without the rug at the feet of the bed. It would be a completely different bedroom.
While we aren’t experts on rug aesthetics, we are experts on cleaning rugs. Being a carpet cleaning business, we offer different options when it comes to cleaning rugs and area rugs.
If the rugs serves as a part of the room such as a large rug covered by a lot of furniture, then we would go ahead and treat it as part of the room.

Area Rug Cleaning

However, if you have area rugs such as in the image above, then we have a special service for area rugs. We take the rugs back to the office and have it thoroughly cleaned using high quality chemicals and multiple cleaning runs enough to have them like-new but not enough to cause any unnecessary wear, tear, or damage (a common mistake among other area rug cleaning procedures).

Benefits of Area Rug Cleaning

Think of our area rug cleaning service as going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned versus you brushing your teeth on your own at home. While the latter will definitely do the trick and it works well for a lifetime, going to get your teeth cleaned professionally rejuvenates the life of smile and a deeper clean is ensured. Your rugs deserve the same treatment!

If you haven’t already heard, steam cleaning is perhaps the best way to clean your carpets. The same benefits apply to area rug cleaning.

It may also surprise you to hear that with so much bacteria building up in your rugs, the rugs may increase a lot in weight. Your carpet may weigh 4x its weight in dirt. Just image your rugs! Even if they may appear clean, even if you try to avoid spilling drinks or food, even if you vacuum regularly, bacteria will always reside deep in your rugs and they multiply fast.

Is it Worth It?

There are things you should prioritize in your life and invest money into. The safety of your family, food for nutrition, transportation, and your health . It may not seem apparent on the surface but having clean carpet and rugs can play a pivotal role in your health. Eating healthy and washing your hands are great, yes, but don’t forget about accumulation of dirt on the bottom of your shoes from the many many miles you’ve walked in them on who knows what that you bring into your home onto your rugs!

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